Sit back, it’s just a Sitcom.

  One of the things I find interesting is watching men go to work for the institutions wearing a funny piece of colored cloth around their necks. Nobody knows whats it’s for and it serves no real purpose. The funny little cloth generally made of silk, colored cotton or linen is tied around their wind pipe, their […]

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Heylo Parenthood.

We carry distinct personalities around with great pride. We have our opinions installed high in our heads, and emotions that define us as people. We have ourselves, and that’s enough. We are responsible for our own actions and all that we have to account for is our behavior and our attitude towards the world. It’s unquestionably I, me […]

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Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

I read this fiction story a while back. The story was passable, but it spurred out the truth of our life notion. We are all drinking coffee elsewhere, most of the time. We are all thinking of being some place else while we are sitting right here. While sitting in a long endless meeting,driving, browsing, […]

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    We all have clutter. We get too many things, and then over the years they become clutter in our houses. We have way too many things to do in the day, and too little time – Yeah. Total mind clutter. Too many emails in your inbox. Until you scan through those futile marketing […]

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